Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Who are you?

In one sentence, who are you? (Author: Elizabeth Presson)

I am a whole, healthy, happy woman of God encouraging others to discern truth and apply it in a powerful way.

I do view life as a puzzle of sorts with many, many pieces being added each day.  There was a time when I only had pieces and none of them seemed to fit. A wonderful organization called Freedom Seminars was instrumental in helping me process through the pieces of my life and find the real me.

If not for Russ and Pat Hardesty and the awesome experience of Roots and Wings and Flight, I might still be sitting on the floor with a million-piece puzzle wondering how it all fits. 

Now, when I realize I've discovered a new piece I am eager to see how and where it fits. I'm even willing to wait to find out and just enjoy the discovery of the new piece.  Because the parts of the picture that have been completed are much more beautiful than I could have ever dreamed, hoped or imagined.

I'm living life and more abundant and most of it is in the way I look at and willingly take time to contemplate the picture of my life.

The Picture of My Life

There it is
My life in pieces
Laid out for all to see
The good, the bad
The depressing, the uplifting
There are pieces I dare not touch
They can suck me in
Take me places I don't want to go.
Then there are pieces, moments like the soft feel of a baby
Brand new. untainted. loved. cherished.
First grins. First steps. First time to say no.
For her, for him, My prayer is that the pieces fit.

Hard to see the awe-inspiring
Nature of the picture my life is becoming.
Easy to not try. not stretch. not reach. ignore growth.
Just exist.
Life is more than breathing in and breathing out.
Life is living, sharing your gifts, making good and bad decisions.
Life is pieces
of the puzzle that you embrace
even when you don't know where they fit.

Who I am was created by him
who uses earth as a place to rest his tired and weary feet.
It is as familiar to him as my living room is to me.
I am not only known by him, I am family.
He knows how the pieces fit.
When he sees me, he see the glorious nature of the completed puzzle.
Me, I only see in part, in pieces, fuzzy almost irrecognizable shapes.
They are beyond my comprehension now.
There will be a time, though,
I will know completely,
and the puzzle will make sense.
revealing the picture of my life.

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