Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I am fickle

I am fickle.

I change my mind ... a lot.

I started out with a site on Weebly, Writethevision.net. It's still out there even though I sent them a message to take it down. I suppose it will always be out there in cyberspace.

Then I came here to blogspot. I called this site Write the Vision as well and used it for awhile until someone told me I should go to Wordpress. So I did.

Today, I noticed this site is still up as will. Are you counting? That makes two of me so far.

I went to Wordpress.com. The address for that site is treeparker.wordpress.com. The header is Finding my way to the God of truth and grace.

It's also still out there is cyberspace. That's three.

Then, I learned if I ever want to advertise my books and editing services on my website, it needed to be self-hosted on the Wordpress.org platform.

Last year I obtained the url RealGodRealPeople.com and exported everything from my other three blogs over there. That's four.

Somehow that first blog has had over 4500 page views. Really? Maybe I should have stayed there!

No, stop it you fickle person. Stay put.

I will stay where I am. No more hopping around. I've learned something interesting, though. I can redirect various urls to my site. That's the next step. I won't be able to redirect the blogspot or wordpress.com urls but I can do that with my original Writethevision.net.  Since that is the name I will be using for my editing and ghostwriting services, it makes a lot of sense.

And I will direct the url I have that is TeresaShieldParker.com to my current site.

So that's the saga. Four of me out there in cyberspace.

That's OK, I am woman. I can change my mind.

Come visit me over at www.RealGodRealPeople.com. There's a free gift waiting when you sign up for updates.

If you are following me over there, that's awesome. If not, come join me!



  1. On blogspot/blogger we can follow you by URL also!! Thanks for the update! Take care.

  2. Elizabeth, you mean like Google Reader?